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Hey! I'm Caroline Forbes, but most people just call me Care. I've been in Rosewood for a little while now and i love so many of the people here, especially THESE ones.

Trial of Trust || Katherine-Caroline-Tyler 


Katherine tips her head back against the couch as she waited for the hybrid to bring her barbie doll. She had been getting impatient when he finally said they were on their way and her level of annoyance was not something he wanted high up on the list right now. The boy wanted to be on her side, right? Well he had to prove to her that he’d be willing to do anything for Katherine without hesitation. Which meant he needed to do something he never would have done in the first place. She was surprised that it hadn’t taken him long to agree to this, he hadn’t really fought her on it or anything which made her question how loyal he could actually be if he would give up someone he supposedly loved so easily. She was just thinking of what to do to Caroline when she heard the knock on the door. A smirk forms as she walks to answer it, leaning against the door frame with a little laugh. “Surprise, Barbie. You guys can come in.” She pulls the two of them into the house before Caroline could even think of running. “Alright pup, don’t let her run away or I’ll have to torture you instead. In fact…” Katherine turns and sticks a needle into Caroline’s neck, plunging vervain into her system to weaken her. It wasn’t enough to kill, just enough to keep her there and hurt her quite a bit. She grins down at the girl before looking up at Tyler. “There’s a chair in the kitchen with ropes dipped in vervain. Have fun with that, I’m sure your hands will appreciate it.”

Caroline had been tempted to turn Tyler down, she was unsure of where they stood right now and it could just make things worse, but she’d given him the benefit of the doubt. Something she began regretting when she saw Katherine’s smirk behind the door, her head working at a mile an hour to work out what was happening until she felt the sharp pang of the needle in her skin, taking a moment as it made it’s way into her bloodstream, stumbling as she tried to stand up, going to back away from them both. She didn’t understand what was happening, the pictures and ideas that were forming in her mind didn’t make sense. Tyler working with Katherine? Why would he be working with her?