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Hey! I'm Caroline Forbes, but most people just call me Care. I've been in Rosewood for a little while now and i love so many of the people here, especially THESE ones.

Girls Night & Slumber Party || Carolena 


Being in Rosewood was definitely a change for Elena. For one, she had to pack up all of her stuff from Chicago and just move again which wasn’t the best of things. She was happy that at least her friends had decided to join her, so that she wasn’t alone. Caroline had mentioned something to the girl about a sleepover the previous night, and Elena didn’t really enjoy spending time alone in her new house so she figured sleeping at Caroline’s for the night would be fun. Gathering her bags, she headed out and began on her way to her friends new house. Most of the Rosewood kids seemed nice, which was a relief because Elena really needed a break from all of the drama. 

As she pulled up to her friends house, grabbing her bags she walked over to the door. Stuffing her bag under one arm and ringing the doorbell with the other, she patiently waited for the answer. When the door finally opened, it was Caroline which caused a smile to immediately appear on Elena’s face. “I’m really hoping you have ONDemand or something, because I completely forgot the movies at home.” Shrugging and biting her lip, she made her way inside setting her bags down on the floor.

Caroline didn’t know quite why she was finding it so hard to adjust to life in Rosewood, but she was. Rationally, it made little sense. Everyone she was close to from there was moving here, and it was pretty similar in itself to Mystic Falls. There were just little things she caught herself on, wanting to head over the The Grill or walk across the street to Matt’s. She hadn’t actually heard from Matt since moving, which worried her more than it should.

A grin appeared on her lips as she heard the doorbell, rushing over to the door and opening it with a smile, moving out of the way so that Elena could come in and then closing the door after her. “Better, I have Netflix. Courtesy of Elizabeth Forbes newest promotion of Sheriff of Rosewood. Oh and I have junkfood because being a vampire means I can’t get fat and you can.” She teased, showing her to her room. It was an improvement on the last, bigger, it just wasn’t the same. 

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