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Hey! I'm Caroline Forbes, but most people just call me Care. I've been in Rosewood for a little while now and i love so many of the people here, especially THESE ones.

The Consequences of Me || Coby 


The day had started out like any other, Toby going to his job and then coming home to spend his afternoon and evening with Caroline. Nothing was new until the text from Tyler came in and he knew he couldn’t leave this whole situation unresolved. Toby didn’t particular want to go fight the other hybrid mostly due to the face that he knew Tyler was going to win but he couldn’t let him bully Toby around like that. Telling Caroline where he was going was the hardest part, knowing that she didn’t want this to happen, maybe even more so than he. Giving her a kiss on the lips he uses his thumb to caress her cheek gently, giving her a small smile before heading out the door.

He knew he wasn’t going to win but that didn’t mean he couldn’t get a few hits in and that’s exactly what had happened. The satisfaction of watching Tyler bleed was something he couldn’t explain but before he knew it a stake was in his stomach, and then another, and then another. The boy found himself leaning against the trunk of a tree, too weak to pull the wood out of his abdomen and not quite knowing what to do. 

Caroline didn’t like that the people in her life seemed to be clashing a lot recently, it was even worse that most of the tension seemed to be centered around Toby. Not that she blamed him for any of it, the situation with Klaus was iffy on which one of them needed to let up but as far as she was concerned this new fight was all Tyler’s fault. Toby was allowed to defend himself and he was just trying to stand up for Caroline, she knew that. But Tyler… she had no idea what was going on with him recently, he was acting strange and she didn’t like it. He’d acted more like his old self at first when he had been turned into a hybrid but on the whole he had gone back to normal, he had at least seemed to care about her. She tried to shake that thought from her mind, not wanting to waste time on thinking about someone who apparently hated her now. She wasn’t happy about Toby going, but she knew that he wouldn’t appreciate her going with him. That didn’t mean she wasn’t going to wait an hour and a half (it was less conspicuous than one hour, she had decided) and then drive off after him seeing as she knew round about where they were going.

She got out of the car once she got near the woods and looked around, trying to spot Toby in the clearing and then heading deeper in. “Toby?” She asked quietly, knowing that if he was around he’d be able to hear her. So would Tyler but she’d cross that bridge once she got to it. She had been looking around for just over ten minutes when she spotted him, rushing over and falling to her knees beside him, a sob escaping her at the sight of the stake before she tried to compose herself, panicking a little as she put her hands on either side of his face. “Toby?”

An Overdue Gift: Another Tiny Ass Para (Coby) 


Pocket heavy with the objects that were making Toby’s nerves shoot through the roof, the hybrid walks out of the bedroom and into the living where his wife was. He had been waiting for these things to be done and ready for quite some time now and they were finally here. He wasn’t quite sure why he was nervous. Maybe he just really wanted her to like these and he was hoping she wouldn’t hate the idea of them as well. Sucking it up, Toby clears his throat to get his wife’s attention, giving her a small smile. “Can I talk to you?”

Caroline had just walked into the lounge with a coffee for herself and one for Toby, putting them down on the counter before she hears him, turning around to face him and tucking a piece of hair behind her ear and out of her way, smiling once she saw him. “Sure, is something wrong?” She couldn’t help but jump to the assumption that something was wrong most of the time, especially recently, the fact that he was smiling stopped her from worrying though. 

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The Blair Bitch Project | Eric & Caroline 


Camping. What the hell kind of town organized a camping event? Gathering a bunch of kids together and throwing them together in the woods was a recipe for disaster. The rich, Prada-purse-carrying girls and chain-smoking-guys were probably going to go through a technology withdrawal, seeing as how they probably wouldn’t be able to get any service in the woods. How would they ever update their Facebook statuses or alert their follows on Twitter about what they were doing? He could just see it now: Facebook Status - Caroline Forbes is now eating a S’more, yum!  and more than likely - Paige Royals liked your status! God, it made him sick. It was pretty fucking sad, how pathetic the people in this town were. He hated them all so much. Well, most of them. There were few very people who had  his respect, people whom he actually liked and didn’t mind being around them. 

It was why he didn’t mind, seeing Kol was paired up with Lyrik, when he found out that Caroline was his camping partner. He didn’t mind too much, anyway. Lyrik had refused to talk to him since the night he’d kissed her. Jesus, didn’t she understand that she kissed him back? With no regards to her little animal boy, Cody. It was amusing, that he had slipped her mind, and then suddenly, she felt bad, as if she’d done something wrong. As if she’d regretted that she’d made no move to stop him. What was even more amusing, was the fact that he was paired up with one of Cody’s best friends and Toby’s wife. She had already made it clear to him that she wasn’t going to take any of his bullshit, but that sure as hell wouldn’t stop him from being his normal, cocky self. He had to have some fun on this godforsaken camping trip. Arriving at the campsite, he saw that it was fairly packed - kids sitting around a campfire, sleeping in tents or eating hot dogs cooked over the flame of the fire. Making his way over to a clearing, Eric set everything up: the large tent, his sleeping back, some snacks and  beverages for himself and Caroline, and a lawn chair that he immediately plopped down in. His camping buddy would be here any second, and then the game would begin. 

Caroline wasn’t too sure why she had even signed up to do the camp out, she knew how to camp from being in girl scouts as a child, what girl in Mystic wasn’t? But she hadn’t done it in a while, it just never seemed like a fun idea once you hit the teenage years, she would much rather be inside somewhere warm and comfortable, even if the temperature didn’t really effect her she was aware of it. It didn’t help that she really had no idea who her camping partner was, other than the fact that he was Lyrik’s ex and had aided her in cheating on her best friend. Naturally, she was a little weary of him but she’d give him a chance, he seemed to have the ability to be a nice guy so she’d give him the benefit of the doubt.

Pulling up with Toby in his car she kissed him goodnight, not looking forward to spending another night away from him and then went in search of Eric, quickly finding him in a small clearing, walking over with a smile and putting her bag down on the floor. “Hey.” 

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Private: Caroline 


This probably isn’t my wisest choice I’ve made today to tell you how sorry I am, but I usually make the worst decisions of all time so I’m going with it. I truly am sorry for any problems that has came to you over the past few weeks due to you, this is incredibly idiotic, but because you have been talking to me you seem to be getting all this trouble. I’m just telling you this now, in case anything were to happen. This does seem very ramble like but I’m not very good with apologies. But yes, I am sorry, Caroline.

You… you shouldn’t be sorry, Klaus. It isn’t your fault, it’s mine, I can’t keep thinking that I can keep everyone happy. I can’t make anyone happy, apparently. What would happen, what are you talking about?

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Friends // Caroline and Cody  


Cody was peacefully lying on his bed with a pillow covering his face. He wasn’t sure if he was trying to choke himself or he was just being his dramatic self, but for some reason he felt like staying there for the rest of the week and maybe a few days more. He felt the already known numbness creeping up on him, covering with the thick grey smoke that kept him from feeling anything. Sighing, he forced himself to stand up and drive to Caroline’s place… which was Toby’s place too. He almost laughed at the fact, and riding his motorcycle he ignored the helmet that was carefully placed on top of it, throwing it at the garden and driving off the street. The boy made sure he wasn’t forgetting the popcorn and Nutella he had promised, and as he looked around, he thought he didn’t know how he was feeling anymore. Betrayed? Hurt? Sad?.. All of that and more, because he did love Lyrik, and once again he had been hurt by someone he loved. Cody avoided thinking of the list of people he had been hurt by that he usually recalled whenever he felt bad because that would only make him miserable, and he wasn’t going to let himself fall once again. Everything hurt, yes, but he was tired of playing the victim all the time, it didn’t matter what kind of situation he was in. 

With his chin up, Cody arrived at Caroline’s house. Caroline, the girl that had practically been a sister to him ever since they met. He felt so happy to have friends like her, he knew he could trust her and he felt grateful about it. Carrying the food, the boy walked up to the door and knock it softly, waiting for her to open.

Caroline knew that right about now she probably shouldn’t be giving anyone else relationship advice but her friend needed her and she’d feel better if she helped someone else. If she actually managed to help someone for once instead of messing them up even further, she was determined to save Cody’s relationship with Lyrik, regardless of the fact that her husband was probably mad at her and his friend seemed to hate her. Fixing her mascara quickly in the mirror she put on a smile to make sure that she looked good and then walked into the lounge. She’d managed to get a bootlegged copy of the avengers off of a guy who sold them downstairs, of course she had checked to make sure that it actually worked before getting Cody’s hopes up, even if she felt as though they wouldn’t actually get to watch much of the film. 

She walked over to the door as he knocked and then opened it, smiling as she saw Cody and ushering him inside before wrapping her arms around him. “How are you feeling?” She asked, even though it felt like a stupid thing to ask someone who had just found out that their partner had cheated on them. She wasn’t sure what she thought about it on Lyrik’s part, she wasn’t one to judge without knowing the full story but she had kissed Eric back afterall. She still had no idea what her opinion on Eric was. 

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Mistakes and Make-ups || Carolena  


Elena had more than a lot of people to explain herself to, she’d just been waiting for the right time. She’d been and emotional mess herself, and now that Caroline was ignoring her, she figured she couldn’t wait any longer. After preparing the house to have Caroline over, she quickly gathered the mess of papers around her coffee table. Elena’s nights had lately consisted of sessions by the TV or computer, trying to make sense of the things she’d learned when she got back to Mystic. No one of course, had known the girl had even left in the first place. She wasn’t really sure about what Caroline would think of the whole thing, but one thing was for sure: Elena had a legitimate reason for the whole leaving thing. It was a lot more intense than her usual visits back home, so she wasn’t really up for sharing it with the entire town of Rosewood. She’d spent her deal of time with Jeremy back home just coping and dealing with what’d happened, and a part of her was sure Caroline would understand, but the other wasn’t so sure. Laying on her couch, she waited for Caroline to arrive, closing her eyes to pass time. 

Caroline couldn’t help but be upset by the fact that Elena had left, she had gotten over the fact that she’d disappeared for school work it was the on and off since then that had gotten there, she’d needed to have her best friend around and she just hadn’t been there for her. She loved Toby but there were things she couldn’t tell him because he was a part of it, she probably wouldn’t tell Elena either though, seeing as she doubtlessly wouldn’t approve. Telling Toby she’d be back the next day she kissed him before taking her bag and heading over to Elena’s house, which wasn’t far from her own now that she was living with Toby. She turned up at the door and knocked, chewing the inside of her cheek nervously. 

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Meeting Up|| Maroline 


It wasn’t the fact that Matt didn’t want to see Caroline, no, no. If anything, it was because of his actions towards her in the not so distant past. It was common knowledge that the girl had weaseled her way into his heart— just as all of the girls who had inevitably broken his heart in the end, and if his actions hadn’t made it clear enough for everyone, he was still in love with her. Unlike his other ex’s though, he wasn’t sure if he could simply be ‘just friends’ with Caroline, even if she was the only one who would be able to understand him as well as he knew she could. She was in love with another guy, and Matt had had his emotions toyed with enough. Especially when it was done by a demon who took his memories, his feelings and flung them around blindly, causing him to act out in a way that had he been himself, would have never happened.

Guilt weighed heavily down on his shoulders now. Not merely for the actions that he took towards Care, but for all of those that he hurt, that he killed. The emotional trauma that rested on those families still unsure about what had happened to their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughter etc., that was all on him. It was ironic in the proper light though. He had once been the victim of a brutal monster attack that ripped his sister away from him, leaving him lost and alone in a world that he hardly had any sort of grasp on. They say that you need to let the past stay in the past, but this wasn’t going to be one of those things, and he knew now that he would never be able to forgive himself for all that he had done. Steadily, he brought a hand up to his face, rubbing the sleep— or lack there of, from his eyes. No matter how much he slept, he was never quite on par with the pep, and cheer that was Caroline Forbes. In an instant, she could light up a room with here own sheer will power. She could turn the worst party of the year into the best party of the century, and she could melt your heart with a single glance. Matt had been the foolish one in their case. He had hoped so blindly that things would be able to work out between them, knowing what she was, revolted by what she was, and even before that. When she had begged him to be with her, done things that the normal Caroline wouldn’t have done, just to get his attention, and he fell in love with all of it, only to have it all taken away with in a heart beat.

His hands cupped the warm mug of coffee tightly, as his eyes settled shut which allowed his mind to wander even more. There was a knot in the pit of his stomach that hadn’t once undid itself since everything had gone back to normal. Things were difficult, Matt would be the first to admit it, though that didn’t alleviate any of what he was feeling, anything that he wanted to say, all of the lives that he wanted to bring back. On some subconscious level, he easily blamed himself for everything that had happened. There had once been a time when he would jokingly complain that he was the only normal one left in a town of Vampires, Witches, and Wolves…Oh My, but now, he would do anything to go back to that point of naivety. It had been the only thing keeping him sane in times where it seemed like everything was going to the dogs. With that thought, he raised a finger from the mug as if to say ‘Zing’ .Hell Hounds. It was one thing to have to had gone through everything, but to have to remember every persons face, every cynical word that fell from his lips in his voice, every blow that ripped the life from another body, that was some kind of torture. But with all of that said, it was something that he would rather deal with on his own than place it on someone elses shoulders to bear with them.

Matt’s eyes fixated on a single spot on the counter as he shook his head once, breaking away from the brick wall that still sometimes enclosed his mind. Opening his eyes wide for a moment, he sat up and ran a hand through his hair, clearing his throat. “And so it goes…” He muttered under his breath, unsure of where he had heard that saying before. Maybe it had been in school— when school had actually mattered to them, now it was something of an after thought, something they all did to seem normal in a world where they didn’t really belong, or maybe they did and the ones who were truly blind to all of it didn’t. Either way, and so it goes, seemed to be what he was saying to himself every time something new would pop up. It was just the way things were happening, and if he so much as tried to stop it from happening, it would go another way, and he would find himself saying the same about that outcome in the end. The past few months had turned him into something of a cynic, and Matt hated it. The days when he was QB of the football team, where he had a girl on his arms, where answering questions in History were his biggest worries, those were really the days that he wished he could go back to. As far as he could tell though, with all the Lions and Tigers running around, there was still nothing that would be able to send him back to an easier time.

He peered into the mug on the counter, he’d hardly even touched the coffee, and with a slight incline of his head, he lifted the mug to his lips as if to take a sip before hearing a clear, definitive knock at the door. Slowly, Matt lowered the mug back down, his lips pressing into a thin line, doing all that he could to mentally prepare himself for what was about to happen. It was needless to say that this meeting was a bit forced on Care’s part, but he’d let her have her little therapy session if it would keep her sane and happy. In the end, wasn’t that all he really wanted for her? To be happy? Matt let out a soft disgruntled noise before rubbing his eyes for a moment as he walked over to the door to let her in. “I’d offer you coffee, but I’m not sure you really need it,” he chuckled softly, peering into the eyes of the blonde that stood in front of him.


Obviously Caroline was somewhat hesitant when it came to going to see Matt, she hadn’t known that there was a demon inside of him before and so every crude remark and inappropriate comment was tarred onto his image. She’d known that something was wrong, of course, she’d known Matt all of her life and liked to hink that she knew him a good deal better than most other people did, she could tell that he wasn’t being his average self and she hoped that he’d know she didn’t blame him for it. She was housing Olivia at her home afterall, that had helped her to understand possession more it had to be said, they didn’t have any control over what happened. She couldn’t ignore that the demons fed off of memories of the past, however. If Matt did have lingering feelings for her such as those then she wasn’t sure what she was going to do in regards for them. She loved him, that much was true and she’d never stop but she didn’t know where they stood on that. She was married to Toby now and she knew that she was in love with him so it was a lot more complicated than just deciding what she wanted and going for it. 

She would never judge him for the people who had been murdered by the demon inside of him because she could never judge anyone else for killing someone when she had done it herself. She had never meant to kill the man at the carnivale, she had found out the name of that man- he hadn’t had any children or a wife to speak of but that didn’t mean that there weren’t people that cared about him. She liked to think that everyone had people who cared about them, even if they weren’t aware that it was true. Caroline herself probably contributed to this by caring about more people than some people thought was necessary. Toby in particular, she knew that he wouldn’t be happy with her going to see Matt today and that was without him knowing what the demon inside of him had been doing. Truth be told it seemed like Toby frowned upon most of her male friends and she put it down to him just being protective of her- perhaps slightly possessive. The other option was unthinkable and she didn’t let herself linger on it for too long. She could remember when Matt had broken up with her, of course she could, she’d been heartbroken over it. Being a vampire had taken everything away from her other than a few friends and her boyfriend and then she had lost him too. She’d forgiven him of course, Caroline was the one to forgive anyone who asked for it. 

She felt the same as him when it came to the old days, the days where she used to worry about her hair being right and whether or not she was wearing this seasons shoes. The old Caroline had worried about prom, about the many different committees she was on and on making sure that she averaged at least an A in all of her classes, or at least getting a higher grade than most of the other people in Mystic High. Mystic Falls was a simpler place until the Salvatores had come into town, that wasn’t fair to say, she knew that much. If Stefan and Damon hadn’t been there then Klaus would still have come for Elena, but he would have managed to use her as he planned without the possibility of her coming back to life afterwards. She almost felt the resentment she had been pulling back when she thought about it, had Klaus not come to town to kill Elena there would have been no reason for the Salvatores to come to town. No reason for Katherine to murderer her in that hospital. Everything would be normal, she’d probably still be dating Matt. The cheerleading captain and the quarterback, it was how things were supposed to go, it just wasn’t how they had worked out and she knew that Matt hated that. She’d moved on, realized that she couldn’t afford to be bitter for the rest of her days- there’d be a lot of them. 

She had left Toby with a kiss and a promise to be back before it was time for dinner so that they could have a post-birthday meal. Stepping outside she pulled her blazer around her regardless of the fact that the wind didn’t really chill her much, it was a habit- something that helped her blend in with the other people in Rosewood. It didn’t take long to walk to Matt’s house, knocking the door and waiting briefly for him to open it, grinning at his comment. “I still put the cheer in cheerleader, Donovan.” She teased, Caroline’d always been the perky one. Admittedly there were times where she didn’t feel like grinning but the facade was necessary to ensure that her friends were happy. As long as they were happy then she would be too, that’s what she tended to go by. “Are you gonna invite me in?”

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Babysitting || Coby 


Toby had gotten up early that day to get to work on time. He had been having a mini vacation and being away for a while had been nice but he knew it had been time to go back and start making a paycheck again. After a long day he was finally able to head home. He wasn’t expecting to open the door to his loft and find a three year old child staring up at him with wide eyes. His face contorts into confusion as the child just stands there and stares up at him.

“Um….Caroline?” He slowly walks into the house and sets his things down, closing the door behind him and pointing a finger at the child. “You uh…you stay. Caroline! Please tell me you didn’t bring some kind of stray child into our lives.” He eyes the boy again before turning his head to find his wife giving him a look, Toby shrugging his shoulders. “You seem to like to find homes for shoes, why not children?”

Caroline had been downstairs, picking up some more milk seeing as they seemed to have run out of it when she overheard a conversation between the manager of the cafe and one of the waitresses that she’d come to know as Kayla. After buying the milk she headed over to her friend to ask what was wrong, seeing as it would have been suspicious to have ‘casually’ heard a conversation from the otherside of the store. She offered to babysit the child if she needed to, telling her to take as long as she needs and not to worry about it.

She had only brought Keegan upstairs half an hour ago when Toby came through the doors, she walked back into the lounge with a juice bottle as she heard her husband talk, laughing a little at his reaction before putting her hand over her mouth. “Hey, of course not. This is Keegan, Kayla needed someone to babysit for a few hours while she did her shift seeing as her usual sitter was busy. I said that I didn’t mind looking after him, you don’t mind right?” She had assumed that he would be okay with it, having not been too sure when he would be back anyway. She passed Keegan the bottle as he sat up on the couch, half trying to hide behind a pillow. 

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French fries for frenemies || Caroline & Candice 

Of all of the people that Caroline could’ve been paired up with for this mystery date she had to get Candice. There were tens of other people living in Rosewood, many of them that she could have fun with on a date (if she could even call it that seeing as she was married afterall), others that she wouldn’t have minded getting to know but instead she got one of the only people in Rosewood that she was completely sure hated her guts. She sighed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, not having bothered to dress up above her usual degree of formality seeing as it was Candice and they were only going to some dingy fast food place to get it over and done with, not wanting anyone to whine over it. With one last curl of her hair she headed out of the bedroom she now shared with Toby Cavanaugh, waving him a goodbye and telling him once more where she was going before heading out of the door.

It barely took Caroline a few minutes to locate the particularly crappy chain-restaurant that they had settled on, hanging out outside it a little to see if she turned up. She was fully prepared for the other not to bother and to just completely stand her up but she didn’t care, as long as she had made the effort to actually go and give it a try she wasn’t going to feel bad. She didn’t even know what the other girl had against her, she’d never spoken to her before and then suddenly she’d expressed a sincere hatred towards the blonde? She rolled her eyes thinking about it, taking her mobile out and sending a few messages.

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Pillow Talk - A tiny ass para 

Caroline walks into the room and spots Toby, smiling a little, not sure of how she should be acting given the circumstances. “Hey.”

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